505 Games

The first thing to know about 505 Games is that we’re not like other games publishers, we like to think that we are very different from what you likely perceive a games publisher to be.
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We’re small….we’re less than 100 people across our company and we like it that way. Anyone who wears a suit in the office is eyed suspiciously! Most of us are gamers….yes, shock horror, a games publisher where people actually play games…..I know it’s a strange concept, but it’s true, we do actually play games here at 505.

We love what we do (most of the time) and our people are passionate about their work and care about our games. Some days we get things right, some days we get things wrong, the great thing is that we get almost instant feedback from you guys about our decisions, especially when we get it wrong and we’re OK with that. We’re also extremely proud when we help create games that you guys love, it gives us a warm fuzzy feeling inside and makes us feel special.

We LOVE innovation; games that require a different way of thinking are our favorite things, but here’s a secret, it’s REALLY hard to make good games and be innovative at the same time, it’s actually really hard to make games period, but we learn something new about the process every day and are fortunate to get too work with some very creative and talented development teams around the world.

Interested in joining the 505 Games team? Head to our Careers Page to see the available openings.

PS – If you’re a developer and you’re reading this and you have a super cool idea or game that you’d like to discuss with us please reach out…..we’d be happy to discuss it with you and we promise not to tell you to make it more like Call of Duty or GTA